4 thoughts on “Social Media Differentiation: Honda vs. Ford

  1. Hey Jamal,

    Nice posting. I enjoyed all of the information that you included regarding each brands’ identity. Being more familiar with these two brands outside of their social media pages, it’s easy to see how each company’s unique brand message is appropriately fluid between all of their utilized communication channels – television, print, social media, etc. Having a consistent message is so crucial to creating and maintaining brand identity.

    Both, Ford and Honda, have a consistent message/identity, but which brand do you think does a better job at reaching their consumers?


    • Appreciate your comments, John. I’m a big Ford fan, but Honda is reaching its target audience more effectively. I believe Ford is doing its best to catch up after realizing younger customers are more interested in smaller, unique vehicles than the larger body styles that have sustained Ford for decades. Millenials are more socially connected than Gen X & Yers and baby boomers. Honda capitalized on this aspect of this demographic by featuring the Fit in social situations like BBQs, concerts and other “cool”, fun backdrops on its social media pages. In contrast, many of the visual elements on Ford’s site focus more on yesterday’s successes (Mustang, Falcon, F-150, etc.) than today’s offerings. It will be tough to appeal to 40-50 yr. olds and twentysomethings on the same social media platforms!


  2. Nice post,
    Ford and Honda is are great companies to compare. I didn’t realize Ford owners was in the baby boomers or just about there. In reading your blog I am on my way to the Ford dealership as I type to purchase a car. I am a great fan of the Ford product and the history of the automotive industry. How the Late Henry Ford developed the Model T. Using the marketing philosophy at the time one size fit all. This product was able to last a few decades, almost was able to purchase one myself.
    I think the muscles cars are still around for some time to come. For example, the Mercedes can go on the highway from 40 to 90 mph at a blink of an eye. Again after reading how Ford is marketing on social media, going to speak with a dealer tomorrow. Nice post

    • Thanks, Ronald-always good to hear from a fellow Ford fan! I didn’t realize that Ford seemed to be the vehicle of choice for baby boomers, either. However, it’s not surprising. Take a look at some of the movies of any genre produced back in the 60s and 70s, or talk to some of the folks that were in their 20s and 30s at that time and you’ll see one or two Mustangs in the background…with a few people fawning over them. Ford helped to define the baby boomer generation!

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